Fall in Kennebunkport

Squirrels are busy scurrying to collect rapidly falling acorns- their food for the coming winter months! The leaves on the trees are beginning to showcase brilliant reds, oranges and golden yellows and the summer flowers are losing their vibrancy and fading away to make room for fall’s favorite flowers- mums! Fall has arrived in Kennebunkport as buses arrive hourly, depositing tourists from all across America. Apple season will soon be upon us and we will once again enjoy the scent of freshly baked apple pie wafting from our kitchens. Temperatures are dipping into the 40’s and 50’s at night as they strive to reach mid 60’s in the day, so don’t forget to bring sweaters and light jackets as you pack for Maine. The town is bustling with activity as we welcome our fall visitors! Here, at Coastal Jewelers we have been busy replenishing our inventory with exciting new pieces.

September’s birthstone is Sapphire, ranging in gorgeous colors of blue, yellow, pink, green, purple, white and orange – quite the array of colors. Sapphires are a hard stone, ranked 9 on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness and second only to diamonds ranking 10. Here are some metaphysical/healing properties of Sapphires:

  • Increased intuition
  • Mental clarity
  • Spiritual power
  • Assist in spiritual and personal growth

The rarest and most expensive of the sapphires is the pink-orange Padparadscha found in Sri Lanka. It takes its name from the Sanskrit word for the beautiful lotuses native to that part of the world.

padparadscha loose stone lotus

The most highly valued blue sapphires range from a velvety blue to violet blue, in medium to dark tones, as color is one of the most important influences on a sapphire’s value.

We have many beautiful sapphire pieces both on our website as well as in our store. Below are just a few samplings of what we offer.

Sapphire Ring white goldSapphire Ring


We are busily setting up a Fall Sale section in our store so stop by and have a peek! We are sure you will find a perfect piece to take home!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our newest pieces that are simply spectacular:

Blue to Pink Bi Color TourmalineBlue Tourmaline Emerald Cut Dangle Earrings 14KW

How gorgeous are they?

So, that pretty much brings you up to date with our goings on. Susan and Brian’s oldest son, Conner is back at college beginning his sophomore year, as Quinn, the youngest son beginning his freshman year of high school!

Abbie is happily planning her next adventure to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands early next year. We will look forward to seeing her pictures!

Until next time, breathe in gratitude for all of your blessings and exhale any stress held inside! Enjoy Your Self!

Help us design a piece of jewelry!

Welcome Back! We have so much exciting news to share with you! First off, we would like to give you a gentle reminder that Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching- May 12th. Don’t forget to honor your mother- she is the magnificent being who gave you life! We have beautiful jewelry pieces to accommodate all budgets, so come in and allow us to help you select just the right piece for Mom. And, husbands you will be happy to know that we are offering 35% off on select diamond jewelry; pendants, rings or a smashing pair of earrings would certainly demonstrate your love and appreciation to the mother of your children. Thoughtfulness goes a long way, as you may already know!

If you read our last blog entry, you’ll remember we talked about the fun and joy that occurs during the process of creating a new piece of jewelry or perhaps redesigning an older piece to make it new again. We became inspired to engage you in the fun filled co-creative process of designing a great new piece of jewelry that we will proudly display and offer for sale in one of our Tourmaline cases. Here’s how it will work! A poll placed on our social media pages where you may vote on your choice of cut and color of Tourmaline. Next, you’ll vote for the color of gold you’d like to see housing the stone: white, yellow, or rose gold will be offered. Next you will enter your preference for what the piece will be… a pendant or a ring. We will then offer some choices for mountings, then Voila- a picture of the gorgeous finished piece will be featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages. All of the above choices will be decided according to the highest number of votes. Just reply to our post on Facebook or Instagram and we will tally up the votes and announce the selections each week. You will experience the excitement and anticipation as you witness a lovely piece of jewelry come to life while joining in the fun of jewelry design and creation!

Blue Tourmaline with Diamond Halo Ring White Gold

New Les Georgettes bracelets made in Paris have arrived accompanied by several new spring colors for the leather inserts. The newest size is the 8mm in addition to the 14, 25, and 40mm sizes. They are perfect to wear alone or stacked! A free tote bag will be given with all Les Georgette purchases over $109! These are really cute and will come in handy this summer.

Les Georgette Bracelet

We would also like to congratulate Conner MacDonald, Brian and Susan’s oldest son, on completion of his first year at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire. Way to go Conner! Not to be overlooked is Quinn MacDonald, Brian and Susan’s younger son, who will enter his freshman year at Kennebunk High School this fall.

Family Photo

We wish both boys continued success in their academic pursuits and hope they will have a relaxing and fun filled summer vacation! Speaking of vacations, the entire MacDonald family (along with some of the grandparents!) will depart for Scotland in mid-May. We will look forward to seeing pictures of their special trip!

More to come soon! In the meantime; slow down, breathe and enjoy!