Spring is Here?!?

The calendar says Spring is here…. but the weather needs to agree with the date, right?!  Have no fear however, we are warm and cozy inside at Coastal Jewelers and Springtime means that we are now open 10am – 5pm,  7 days a week!  We have brought in fresh new designs from the Atlanta Jewelry show which includes a big expansion of our Estate Jewelry collection!  We are gearing up for what is to be another fun season in Kennebunkport and can’t wait to see our returning customers, as well as new friends to the area.  Kennebunkport has so much to offer.  Beautiful beaches, great restaurants, excellent shopping and the friendliest people around.  Stop in and say hi, we’ll clean your jewelry and check it while you browse, as always at no charge!



Jewelry Tips

How to Store Fine Jewelry

  1. Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity: store out of direct sunlight and choose a location with low humidity.
  2. Choose a jewelry box with a soft lining.
  3. Clean your jewelry before storing.
  4. Hang your necklaces on hooks to avoid tangling.
  5. Store your diamonds and gemstones alone to prevent scratching.
  6. Store silver jewelry in cotton or felt compartments or in plastic baggies to prevent tarnishing.
  7. Store your fine jewelry in a safe location, but don’t forget where you put it.